Big blow to the prosecution.

“A prosecution expert is prohibited from testifying that screams for help captured on a 911 call came from 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, a judge ruled Saturday.

Defense attorneys for George Zimmerman had claimed the expert’s testimony was flawed.
Circuit Court Judge Debra Nelson made the ruling ahead of Monday’s expected opening statements in Zimmerman’s second-degree murder trial.

Prosecutors will be able to argue in opening statements that Zimmerman profiled Martin based on factors such as aged or clothing before he shot the unarmed black teenager, but they cannot say he was profiled based on race, according to a ruling Nelson issued Friday.

Defense attorneys had asked the judge to prohibit prosecutors from using a series of words in opening statements that they deemed inflammatory. Those words included “profiled,” “vigilante,” “wannabe cop,” and that Zimmerman had confronted Martin. Zimmerman identifies as Hispanic.

The judge said all of those statements may be used, provided that race is not discussed if the issue of profiling is brought up.

Prosecutor John Guy had argued that there were a number of ways someone could be profiled other than race.
“That is not a racially charged term unless it’s made so, and we don’t intend to make it a racially charged term,” Guy said. “There are a number of avenues someone can be profiled in any one way or combination. We don’t intend to say he was solely profiled because of race.”

Defense attorney Mark O’Mara said he was concerned using the word “profiled” would “infect” the jury with a racial component that shouldn’t be there.

“I want to be very, very cautious,” O’Mara said.

As a former LEO, I’ve said on many occasions that part of the job of crime detection is to profile. It’s why the FBI and many departments employ profilers. It’s only profiling based on race that the courts have frowned upon. Nevertheless it’s important that the judge seems read up on the NBC news attempt to peg Zimmerman as racist based on their chopping up the audio early in the story.

Again, this story and the fact that Zimmerman was even charged is based on politics and nothing else. Had Martin been white, asian or anything other than black this wouldn’t have more than a 2 day story. So who’s really doing the profiling here? Zimmerman or the prosecutors of this farce?