“Evil visited this community today”…..

Another shooting, mass killing in America and the media is on their usual tripping over themselves reporting it. Yesterday a 20 year old nut got up, shot his mother in the face and then went to the elementary school she worked at and shot 26 people including 20 children between the ages of 5-10.

Of course the usual suspects such as MSNBC went into full politics mode as they crowed about the need for gun control, even though we know now that the weapons in this case were legal and that the shooter had stolen them from his mother. Connecticut has one of the most stringent set of gun laws in the country and it still did nothing to stem this event. The school had procedures to protect the kids, and indeed it was those procedures that protected other children and prevented even more mayhem.

However while everyone is asking the questions, the only one we need to know is why? Of course the answer isn’t complicated. It’s because man at his core is evil.

Mike Huckabee a former preacher is right, we’ve systematically removed the visage of good in schools, namely the mention of God, of absolute right and wrong, and yesterday is simply a manifestation of a symptom.

For the last 40 years or so the predominate teaching in our schools has been secular humanism, the belief that life is based on the survival of the fittest. Our kids are bombarded with TV, entertainment which glorifies violence and teats the ending of life as something of a video game, where extinguishing life in a mass way is the goal.

The secular left in this country wants to blame the instruments of violence – guns – instead of considering that they in someway by the pushing of their philosophy on society is the cause. They have much to answer for this morning after.

But one thing we must come to grips with is the lesson I learned very early in law enforcement. That when it comes to committing a crime, the primarily ingredient – the core urge of evil – is ever present. It may be suppressed by law, fear, drugs, but if the right element of motive and opportunity present themselves anyone can commit the most heinous crimes.