The Benghazi story has been going off the rails as people focus on the wrong story. The latest from C-BS.

The issue isn’t who changed the talking points, the fact is that they were changed to protect Obama and his reelection efforts. Any other explanation is simply silly. But the greater story is why Stevens was at the Benghazi compound in the first place.

As I written before the best explanation based on talking with people who have knowledge is that Stevens was there to negotiate a return of weapons that had fallen into the hands of terrorist factions after they were supplied to Libyan rebels. As I hinted to before Chris Stevens was the best person to accomplish this task because of his close ties with the various leaders of the the different groups. However one group -Ansar al Sharia – wasn’t going to let that happen. They saw Stevens as a threat to their efforts at becoming the supreme group in the area.

The fact that the Obama administration supplied weapons to Libyan rebels is no secret, but the fact that the weapons fell into the wrong hands is. Much like what happened with Fast and Furious, incompetence ruled, and just like Fast and Furious the devil is in the coverup.

Of course the pieces are still being put together, but right now people are focusing on the wrong part of the story. We have to work to ensure that the focus goes back to where it belongs.