They’re ganging up on Mitt Romney for speaking up about the attacks in Libya and Cairo today, but in 2008 Obama criticized then President Bush’s Iraq policy just after an Afghan attack left 9 Marines dead.

“….As the New York Times reported, then-Candidate Obama criticized the Bush administration on July 13, 2008, arguing “a new round of violence on Sunday, in which nine American soldiers died in fierce fighting with the Taliban in eastern Afghanistan, underscored the military challenges ahead for the United States.”

According to the transcript of an interview on CNN’s “Larry King Live,” Mr. Obama reiterated his talking point the next day:

You know, was it a wise thing to go in there (Iraq) and what are the costs and benefits of staying there indefinitely? We’re spending $10 billion a month there. We’ve spent $200 billion since the surge began. Meanwhile, the situation where—you know, where the central front against terrorism should be taking place, in Afghanistan, the situation has deteriorated. And we had this brazen attack on a U.S. base where nine servicemen were killed.”

Back then the media applauded Obama for his bravado.