This guy is incredible.

“President Obama accused Republicans of distorting his record, claiming that Mitt Romney was running against a “fictional Barack Obama.”

Republicans “have spent a lot of time creating a fictional Barack Obama who is supposedly taking the work out of welfare reform, or doesn’t think small businesses built their own businesses,” said the president in an interview with USA Today published late Monday.

Obama’s comments come after his top surrogates took to the airwaves this weekend to accuse Republicans of intentionally misrepresenting the president’s record.

Senior Obama adviser David Plouffe on Sunday said the Romney campaign was “built on a tripod of lies” and deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter charged that Republicans think “lying is a virtue.”

Obama said attacks on welfare reform and claims that he did not understand capitalism had become “the centerpieces of their campaigns.”

“Gov. Romney spent a lot of time talking about himself and he spent a lot of time talking about me. He didn’t spend a lot of time talking about the American people and how their lives will get better,” said the president about last week’s GOP convention in Tampa.

“I guess their premise is that the American people will be convinced, if we just get rid of Obama, then somehow that will be enough,” he said.

The Romney campaign, however, says the Obama team is attempting to distract voters from the president’s own economic record.

“President Obama’s problem is that the truth about his abysmal record hurts,” said Romney spokesperson Ryan Williams in a statement Sunday. “Americans aren’t better off today than they were four years ago.”

Obama has no record except an extreme leftwing one. On that we have him down solid. That he’s been friends with radical domestic terrorists, communists and racists, that we have down to a fine science. That he has NO plan for America except to further disarm America, drop her standing in the world and put her on her knees before our enemies, we have that down as well.

No, we have the right Obama, it’s he who lives in a dream world of his own making.