The Vanity Fair weasels are out in force on the 11th anniversary of 9/11 of course, “blaming Bush”, but the fact is that while the real blame is the terrorists that committed the act, if Bill Clinton had pulled the trigger in 1999, and several other numerous occasions there would have been no attack.

I worked as an analyst during the Clinton administration and I and many more of my colleagues will tell anyone that Clinton missed many opportunities to get Bin Laden and in fact didn’t.  It’s just a fact.  The 911 Omission Commission found the same thing.

Here is an AP write up just days after the attack, before the leftwing spin machine started the “Blame Bush” lie. Of course you’ll remember that during the 9/11 commission one of Clinton’s National Security advisor, Sandy (Docs in his Socks) Berger was caught steeling classified documents related the Clinton administration’s dealing with Bin Laden to hid them from the 911 Omission Commission.

” In the waning days of the Clinton presidency, senior officials received specific intelligence about the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden and weighed a military plan to strike the suspected terrorist mastermind’s location. The administration ultimately opted against an attack. The information spurred a high-level debate inside the White House in December 2000 about whether the classified information provided the last best chance for President Clinton to punish bin Laden before he left office, the officials said.

According to officials:

Military officials presented a possible military strike option, and the pros and cons were debated.

Among the concerns voiced was whether the intelligence wasn’t already stale given bin Laden’s tendency to move quickly and go into hiding. There also was discussion of possible collateral damage if such an attack occurred.

Ultimately, the president and aides decided not to strike. Berger and one other official said military officials never made a formal recommendation to proceed with the attack.

“There was never a recommendation from the Pentagon.

By the way.  Obama thinks he’s now a national security hawk.   Vanity fair is obsessed with one briefing.  Obama’s missed many more.  Too busy campaigning, no?