As disgrace to the office of the Senate, it’s beneath the office for the leader of the Senate to flat out lie about an American citizen for political gain.

Yesterday during an interview Reid slandered Mitt Romney by suggesting – because he read it on the internet or something – that Romney hadn’t paid taxes in ten years.

The calls now from both liberals and conservatives is BS. Major news orgs aren’t even covering the story as they know they could be held for libel for publishing such drool. However beyond the obvious BS of the story or that Reid is known for his ability to slander for his own gain, he may be in trouble as far as ethics rules of the senate. He may also be in danger of being sued for slander by Romney – still I remind you – a private citizen. In fact the Huffington Post could be in legal jeopardy as well for printing the story as an accessory to slander.

Romney won’t, doesn’t have to. He’s likely to win in November and that’s why Reid is throwing out these desperation throws. But I hope that the Senate takes action against Reid, especially if the GOP – as I expect – takes control of that chamber in November.