Dude can’t get a gig on TV anywhere but little watched Current TV and mainly because he’s a liar. Via the appropriately named Crook and Liars.

“On the Young Turks Friday, David Shuster claimed that he is almost certain that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker will be indicted in the coming months for his role in the numerous scandals floating around his first campaign for governor. Shuster later clarified his claim on the Take Action News Facebook page:

According to lawyers familiar with a Milwaukee criminal corruption probe, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is now a “target” for prosecution.

The legal sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Walker faces “serious legal challenges,” including a “possible indictment” regardless of the gubernatorial recall election results on Tuesday.

The investigation began in 2010 when Walker served as Milwaukee County executive.

Six people have been charged, with accusations ranging from campaigning for Walker on government time to embezzlement. 13 other Walker associates have been given immunity from prosecution in exchange for their testimony in the case.

This week, Governor Walker acknolwedged he has now transferred $160,000 from his campaign accounts to a legal defense fund. Mr. Walker confirmed the money is strictly for his own defense and not for any current or former staff.

Lawyers for Governor Walker recently appeared at the Milwaukee courthouse but refused to say why they were there. The lawyers have also refused to comment on the Governor’s status in the investigation.

On Tuesday, Wisconsin voters will go to the polls in the state’s recall election. Fifteen months ago, Walker set off huge protests at the Capitol when he took aim at unions representing state government workers and passed a law ending many of their rights to collective bargaining.”

This of course is bullshit. It’s simply being floated up to to discourage voting on Tuesday. Remember back in 2006 he had the same “conviction” about Karl Rove getting indicted.

“Tonight on Countdown with Keith Olbermann, MSNBC reporter David Shuster said he was “convinced that Karl Rove will, in fact, be indicted.” He made three points to support his position:

1. Rove wouldn’t have testified for the 5th time unless he believed it was the only way he could avoid indictment. At this point, according to Shuster, the burden is on Rove to stop it.

2. It’s been 13 days since Rove testified and he has not heard that he is clear. Lawyers Shuster talked to say that if Rove would have gotten himself out of the jam, he would have heard by now.

3. Rove is referred to in the Libby indictment as “Official A.” According to Schuster, every time Fitzgerald has named somebody as “Official A” that person has been indicted.

Of course he was bullshitting then too. He’s known for that around media circles thus he’s basically anathema except on CTV.