World, we have a problem.

“The Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi has officially won Egypt’s presidential election and will be the country’s next president, the electoral commission has announced.

Morsi picked up 13.2 million votes out of just over 26 million, giving him about 51 per cent of the vote. His competitor, Ahmed Shafiq, the final prime minister under Hosni Mubarak, received 12.3 million. More than 800,000 ballots were invalidated.

Farouq Sultan, the head of the election commission, delivered a long speech before announcing the results in which he defended the body’s “independence and integrity” amidst what he called meddling by unnamed political factions.
The final results

Turnout: 26,420,763 (51 per cent)

Invalidated votes: 843,252

Morsi: 13,230,131 votes (51.7 per cent of valid votes)

Shafiq: 12,347,380 votes

The two candidates filed 456 complaints about the electoral process, Sultan said, most of them allegations of either forgery or Christian voters being blocked from polling stations in Upper Egypt. The vast majority of those complaints were dismissed.

Gehad el-Haddad, Morsi’s campaign spokesman, said in an interview shortly after the results were announced that Morsi would work to be a “president for all Egyptians.”

The president-elect is expected to take his oath of office later this month in front of the country’s supreme court.

Question will be just how much power Morsi gets. The military runs the government and will not likely give control over to Morsi, considered a dissident and in fact was a former political prisoner. Morsi is an Islamic extremist, who after it was announced he won said, “Our Capital ‘Shall Be Jerusalem, Allah Willing”.

No doubt Israel will go on full alert over the news, but again wait to see just how much power he is given, or just becomes a figurehead. Make no mistake, this is a paradigm shift in the geopolitical climate in the middle east.

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