We couldn’t have asked for more. To have Obama take his proverbial wanker and step all over it trying to whore up some votes from the 1% of the population whom gay marriage has a application, he’s completely handed Mitt Romney a golden key to the White House.

By all accounts the move – or rather – “evolution” to gay marriage Obama demonstrated this week is a flop of a huge magnitude. From losing 3-4 points in recent polling, to outright vitriol from the progressives who call it “bullshit“, it’s a flop. It fooled no one and angered just about everyone.

Including the majority of Americans. No, not that majority that polling suggest that 50 percent of Americans support gay marriage. Frankly the polling is crap, for as we’ve seen states by voter referendum keep banning it. If it weren’t for liberal activist judges over turning the will of the people in those states the issue would be all but dead.

Many, many people I talk too are fed up with the whole of the gay marriage issue. It’s hard to imagine that a social issue that affects some little of the population get’s the lion share of the attention.

But progressives sense that this is their chance to ram gay marriage down American’s throat (shameful pun), and possibly their last chance should Obama get tossed in November.

With his latest pronouncement of his “coming of age” that’s just about assured.