New book out on Barack Obama and his pot smoking past. Seems he did more than just inhale, he did so with gusto.

Via Mediate:

“On its own, stories like these about a young adult are actually kind of funny, even humanizing — like something straight out of a stoner comedy. But when you realize it’s about President Obama, it becomes a little less humurous.

Less humorous because President Obama has repeatedly laughed off and dismissed serious discussion about drug policy, like in that 2009 virtual town hall where the president mocked online voters for picking a question about marijuana legalization.

Less humorous because the president shuts down medical marijuana dispensaries with a frequency that would have made Richard Nixon stand up and cheer. He presides over a DOJ, IRS, and DEA that have threatened, audited, and shut down legal pot sellers in California, Colorado, Montana, and Washington. All this despite once promising to respect state laws regarding medical marijuana.

It’s high time that Obama confronts his past marijuana use and extends the right to get high as a kite to all other Americans. I’m no marijuana smoker, but I’d love to have the right to choose to be one.