White House Dossier with the numbers:

“A new report by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office states that by 2016, Obamacare will result in 4 million people fewer people getting health insurance coverage from their employers.

The estimate is a vast increase from the CBO prediction just a year ago that 1 million would no longer obtain coverage from their employers. And it raises substantial questions about the veracity of one of Obama’s key pledges in selling the health care law – that everyone who wants to keep their current health insurance plan and doctor could do it.

It’s not clear how many of the 4 million would be forced out as a result of employers dropping coverage. But it can be assumed that many will indeed lose their insurance and have to seek it elsewhere, since few people would seem likely to intentionally abandon coverage provided by an employer.”

We’re already seeing this happen as health insurance companies are jacking up premiums for employers on an average of 25-40 percent across the nation. The government can do what it will but they can’t tell private companies what to charge. Just the ban on preexisting conditions alone is causing the premiums to rise so high that companies are either canceling coverage or buying policies so laced with high deductibles and copays that you might as well not have insurance.

Don’t believe it? How about this?

Massachusetts Institute of Technology economist Jonathan Gruber, who also devised former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s statewide health care reforms, is backtracking on an analysis he provided the White House in support of the 2010 Affordable Care Act, informing officials in three states that the price of insurance premiums will dramatically increase under the reforms.

He lied. Will America hold him to account?