Back here I described a well known relationship between The Politico’s Ben Smith and Media Matters David Brock. On the heals of the story that Media Matters violated it’s non-profit status by actively participating in a White House smear campaign against Fox News. Now we see that Smith ran interference for Media Matters.

Ben Smith is a media hack and should been shunned and blacklisted by every media outlet that values it’s integrity. Fact is he left The Politico and now blogs at Buzz Feed. Big Journalism writes a scathing review of Smith’s hack job journalism.

“Smith’s journOlist speciality is creating distractions to keep Republicans off-message. He’s a genius at coming up with nonsense-narratives, or items that build upon or amplify nonsense-narratives, that are specifically designed to give Obama’s Media Palace Guards something to talk about other than Obama’s failed record or whatever it is the Republicans want to talk about. I first caught on to what Smith was doing back in 2008 when he published this.

Go take a look at Buzzfeed Politics right now. You’ll see that little has changed and that this story, “Shopping With the Gingriches” is PURE Ben Smith. It’s a story meant only to build on the nonsense-narrative surrounding Newt’s line of credit at Tiffany’s. It’s bait for the MSM to create a talking point and feed that narrative. And not just any nonsense-narrative, but one that fulfills Barack Obama’s reelection gameplan based on class warfare. Nothing in that story is about policy, history, vision, or news. It’s a hit-piece disguised as human interest, and I’ll say it again: it is pure Ben Smith.

But if you really want to understand how Smith operates, how biased and one-sided he is, read this.

The thing about Ben Smith is that we always seem to eventually discover something about him that helps to explain so much. For instance, there was the day we discovered Smith was a member of Ezra Klein’s notorious JournoList. ”

Smith’s dream has been to get on the Obama team short list for media spokesperson. He should get it. No one prints the BS better than he.