Gawker, that liberal muckracking site illegally excerpted Sarah Palin’s new book, America By Heart, due out this week. Palin’s publisher Harper Collins has filed a lawsuit charging Gawker Media LCC with copyright infringement. Gawker printed 14 images of partial pages from the book. Under US copyright law each page could cost Gawker up to $500,000 in penalties. Do the math.

A spokesperson for Harper Collins told me that “Substantial Damages will be sought”. “We intend to put them out of the business of printing protected material ever again.”

A federal judge has agreed and ordered Gawker to take down the material.

It’s about time. Gawker has long been slandering conservatives, and breaking the law in producing personal emails and documents in order to get hits

Let’s hope Harper Colllins prevails and it cost Gawker big time, enough to shut them down.