charles clownGuess it’s the sign of the end.  Moon turns to blood, Sun refuses to sign and the Ny Times writes an accurate article about a really nutty guy, Charles Johnson (I?D?R?) of Little Mad Footballs.

All you need to read here.

“Still, if you read L.G.F. today, you will find it hard to miss the paradox that a site whose origins, and whose greatest crisis, were rooted in opposition to totalitarianism now reads at times like a blog version of “Animal Farm.” Johnson seems obsessed with what others think of him, posting much more often than he used to about references to himself elsewhere on the Internet and breaking into comment threads (a recent one was about the relative merits of top- versus front-loaded washing machines) to call commenters’ attention to yet another attack on him that was posted at some other site. On the home page, you can click to see the Top 10 comments of the day, as voted on by registered users; typically, half of those comments will be from Johnson himself. Even longtime commenters have been disappeared for one wrong remark, or one too many, and when it comes to wondering where they went or why, a kind of fearful self-censorship obtains. He has banned readers because he has seen them commenting on other sites of which he does not approve. He is, as he reminds them, always watching. L.G.F. still has more than 34,000 registered users, but the comment threads are dominated by the same two dozen or so names. And a handful of those have been empowered by Johnson sub rosa to watch as well — to delete critical comments and, if necessary, to recommend the offenders for banishment. It is a cult of personality — not that there’s any compelling reason, really, that it or any blog should be presumed to be anything else.

“This is one area where I did change,” Johnson admitted. “I realized you can’t just let it be free speech. It doesn’t work that way on the Internet. Total free speech is a recipe for anarchy when people can’t see each other.”

Most times Johnson isn’t worth the comment. One would only do so because he serves the example of what is wrong – not right – about the blogsphere. I don’t think Johnson went off the deep end, he existed there for years. It wasn’t that he changed, it’s that he was able to use and fool others into alliance.

I too was semi-famous about 30 years ago as a musician for a top group, and at times a little frustrated that it never went further. Perhaps it’s the drugs – although I don’t know anyone who would party with a dude with a personality such as his. What ever it is, one thing is for sure.

Charles Johnson is a sad, sad person, an “Aqualung”, drying in the cold sun.

Johnson is not so much a relevant blogger now as he is a sideshow freak, semi-amusing to watch, like watching a cornered animal try to bite it’s shackles, but not much more.

I leave you with this for video effect. It describes Johnson to a tee.

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