With the pick of Democratic Thug Rahm Emanuel, to by his White House Enforcer (er, Chief of Staff) Obama is already – and not surprisingly – showing that his administration will be run as far to the left as possible, and if you don’t like it?

F-K you!

“The selection of Rahm Emanuel means that at least Obama is not going to take the path of least aggression. Taking an operation, the DCCC, which had mostly just handed a small amount of discretionary money to a handful of locally selected candidates, Emanuel created a political machine in the 2006 elections that was in many ways the real precursor of the famed Obama campaign. Emanuel found candidates no one had even heard of, called them every day on his cell phone, guided them in every detail of their campaigns, sent skilled people to help them plan their campaigns hounded them to raise their own campaign funds and cut them off mercilessly if they did not. The story of Emanuel and the campaign of 2006 is the subject of a book by Naftali Bendavid suitably entitled The Thumpin. It is almost unthinkable that Emanuel would have agreed to set aside his ambition to become speaker of the House of Representatives to preside over a staff that just picks bureaucrats who pass a smell test.

His appointment all but announces that Obama will try to pass some real progressive legislation in the first year.”

So let’s dispense from this silly crap coming from conservatives that maybe Obama will be “alright” after all. He won’t, we won’t and the country will suffer for it. This is war, it’s time to get to work to make sure that Obama is a one termer without anyone to fill his shoes.