I really hate to spend this much time on a story that I originally planned not to even get into. But stick with me, I’m going somewhere with this.

Apparently the word is that Senator Craig will become the newest “Nifonged” politician to resign. A shame for him, mainly because it looks like his misadventure was used to run political interference for the Clintons who may still be in for the ride of their political careers over the Hsu connection. More on that in a bit. First a few clarification are in order.

1. I don’t care if Craig is gay or not, the issue here is that from a listen of the tape Sergeant Karsnia has shall we say – and attitude problem. In fact you remember that he refers to the alledged behavior as something he would expect from “the hood”. Why hasn’t the MSM and especially people like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton all over this statement which basically says, “They cruise the public restrooms in the hood”. Perhaps the good sergeant would like to explain what he meant by that?

2. I am a former LEO and as such I know what procedures are to be followed when detaining a dignitary. What every Craig meant by his producing his card and saying, “What do you think of that?”, in just about every jurisdictions there are specific protocols for handling the detainment of dignitaries. Why didn’t Karsnia call in his supervisor? In the tape you can detect that officer Karsnia lost control of the conversation getting into a “pissing contest” as he called it. No matter how you want to see it, senior level supervisors should have been immediately called in.

3. There is no way that Craig’s arrest was not reported to local media. Many times in my career media knew more than we did even before we reached the scene because they had their ears glued to a scanner or by other methods. They’re good and seeing that they already had Craig under their microscope I can see no way that they didn’t know. A US Senator is accused of lewd behavior in the bathroom and it flies under the radar for three months? Right.

Now on the same day that this story broke two other stories broke which contained absolute bombshells to both Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party in general. The first was the fact that George Soros’s defunked America Coming Together received the third largest fine in FEC history for voter fraud during the 2004 election. The other news of course – which hasn’t been told completely – is the growing campaign scandal involving several democratic candidate for president – including Hillary Clinton.

Both stories were just about knocked off the page by the Craig story and the obvious question was who behind the withholding of the story – again for two months – as almost to emerge the minute anti Hillary Clinton or anti democratic stories unfold.

No matter what Craig does, we need more answers and won’t go away until we get them.