Victor Davis Hanson completely dissassembles the Ny Traitor Times call for surrender to Al Qaeda, he concludes:

“We promised General Petraeus a hearing in September; it would be the height of folly to preempt that agreement by giving in to our summer of panic and despair. Critics called for the resignation of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, a change in command in Iraq and at Centcom, new strategies, and more troops. But now that we have a new secretary, a new command in Iraq and at Centcom, new strategies, and more troops, suddenly we have a renewed demand for withdrawal before the agreed-upon September accounting‚Äîsuggesting that the only constant in such harping was the assumption that Iraq was either hopeless or not worth the effort.”

The Democrats in the US House of Representitives followed this by repeating their folly of 1975 by voting to pull out and retreat from the fight against Al Qaeda. Make no mistake, that bill will be vetoed and not have enough votes to override, nevertheless, the Democrats just put on paper that they have no confidence in the ability of our men and women to win the war on terror in that region.

Even while our troops were engaged in active combat with those who would kill every Amercan citizen if they could, Democrats decided that their efforts were a failure and that they had absolutely no confidence that they could complete the mission.

Just like they did in 1975 they politicized the blood of our people on the ground and desecrate the memory of those already fallen, declaring that they died in vain. By their vote nothing could be more clearer.

They can prance to the microphones and say all they want about the war or about “what the American people want”, but the fact is that yesterday they pinned on badges of dishonor and defeat. In September, a mere two months away General Patraeus would be releasing a report. You’ll remember these same cowards and defeatists voted overwhelmingly for him to take on the surge, yet from the beginning they’ve talked nothing except of losing to Al Qaeda.

As I’ve said before the American people by and large are not a Nation of pacifists and losers. While they may be weary of the war – made possible not by conditions on the ground but by the constant one-sided negative reporting of our leftist MSM – the fact is that no true American savors defeat, only enemies of freedom do.

UPDATE: Charles Krauthammer on Betraying Petraeus.