Another “White” celebrity in trouble for supposed “racist” remarks, this time it’s Don Imus:

“NEW YORK – A contrite Don Imus described himself Monday as ‚Äúa good person‚Äù who made a bad mistake by making racially charged comments about the Rutgers University women‚Äôs basketball team.

Speaking on his radio show Monday morning, Imus said he was not trying to downplay what he called “the repulsiveness” of the remarks, in which he referred to the mostly black team as “nappy-headed hos.” But he said it was important to understand the context of his comments.

‚ÄúWe were kidding around, but that doesn‚Äôt change it. That doesn‚Äôt make it any less repugnant,‚Äù he said Monday.”

Of course Al Sharpton – who will be flogging Imus on his show later, and Jessie Jackson – who wants him fired – never referred to white people as “crackers” or used any other racist remarks. Sharpton is well known for his remarks such as in 1991 when during a funeral for Gavin Cato he railed on about “diamond merchants” — code for Jews — with “the blood of innocent babies” on their hands” – speaking about the cab driver that kiled Cato. More on Al’s racism here.

Let’s not forget when Jackson referred to Jews as “Hymies” and to New York City as “Hymietown” in January 1984 during a conversation with Washington Post reporter, Milton Coleman.

As noted when Michael Richards got into his flap there is a hugh double standard here. Comedians like Chris Rock consistantly use racially inflamed remarks, and in some cases such as when he called President Bush “retarded“, he insulted those developmentally disabled (still waiting on the apology from Rock and NBC on that).

MSNBC isn’t going to fire IMUS simply because he’s the only reason that people watch the largely unwatched network. But more important this “parsing for racism” ONLY when it’s occurs by whites needs to stop now. If the black community and especially the hypocritical Sharpton and Jackson want to really make a change then have them first challenge their own lips and also the lips of those who are black and do precisely the same thing.

Until then shut up.

UPDATE: MSNBC and CBS do the right thing and NOT bend to pressure by the hypocrites and suspend Imus for two weeks.

But we still need to get this inconsistency and hypocrisy by so-called “Black Leaders” stopped.

True racists such as Sharpton and Jackson – whose only difference with the likes of David Duke is skin color. It’s time they stop getting a pass while acting “inquisitors” on the judgement of others.

If whites can’t use the “N” word, then neither can blacks or any other group. It’s not any more inappropriate or acceptable to call whites “interlopers” or Jews “hymies”. In fact both should remove the “Rev” title because no man who slanders the jew should name the name of Christ.

This just became a hugh pet issue with me so look for me to attack it whenever it arises. No, I’m not defending Don Imus or his insult. I don’t watch the show and I’m not a fan. But this double disgusting standard must and will stop.


Just to give you an idea, here is a sample from the above link to comedian Chris Rock’s HBO special “Blacker and Bigger”:

“Sh_t, look at this.

White people are up top tonight.

You know, l was just in my hotel,

a little while ago, on my way here…

and l got in the elevator, right?

l’m getting in the elevator…

and these two high-school white boys try to get on with me…

and l just dove off.

l said, ”Y’all ain’t killing me!”

Read more and count the “Cracker” comments. Someone tell me what is the difference.

More atCapt Ed.

UPDATE II: Newsbusters notes the MSM hypocrisy in giving Sharpton a “holier than thou” soap box to squawk from.


UPDATE III: More on the Racism of Sharpton and Jackson here. Also you wonder why the MSM is going so overboard on Imus when he in fact a liberal? Seems that there may be a little bit of payback going on here. Just a hunch.

UPDATE IV: Malkin has an extensive post which details the hypocrisy the black culture which glorifies the same language that Imus used, deplorable as it was. This is exactly my point. As a lifetime resident of South Florida who went to predominately black schools through high school, to 13 years of military service, I know that this language – to include the “N” word is used extensively by many blacks in today’s culture.

Again, just because you’re black doesn’t make the words any less acceptable or right. Go ahead and read the Chris Rock transcript above and imagine if a white comedian used the same language.

The hypocrisy has to stop. By the way several people who actually listen to Sharpton’s radio show have told me that he quite frequently uses inflamatory language, specific with enduendo against whites and more specifically jews.

I have no idea if this is so, not being a listener, but I’ve asked for specifics. If he has maybe it’s time to hold him to the same standard he demands of others.