Several sources are telling me that there is an extreme amount of “nervousness” in the Democratic side of the isle that this so-called “Republican Scandal” may actually bite them in the ass in November. Seems that although Foley played the willing pervert, he might have actually been enable a bit, not by Republicans but by those sympathetic for the Democrat cause.

So we now know that George Soros funded CREW knowingly withheld possibly criminal information just so it could have the greatest political effect. Moreover, we know that a leftist “Gay Republican Outer”, actually played a material part in the plot as well, even going so far we believe as to pose as one of the chatters.

We have a bogus blogger site,, that this morning removed damaging comments, and has the FBI looking into who started it up. Again, more than likely the same poser mentioned above.

All of this on top of an nearly orchestrated response by the Democrats – far too orchestrated to be have enabled on the fly – to the Foley issue.

So the question is going to ratchet up now. “What did DEMOCRATS know, and more importantly, WHAT part did they play.

We’re going to soon find out.

Extra Note: On Brian (didn’t talk about it in 2005 because I was busy with Katrina) Ross’s blog, he now admits to receiving “52 separate instant message exchanges, which former pages say were sent by Foley, using the screen name Maf54, to two different boys under the age of 18.”

He adds….

“This message was dated April 2003, at approximately 7 p.m., according to the message time stamp.”

Excuse me? 2003? So there are all these recorded chat messages – messages that have to be chosen to be recorded as no chat or im software does that by default, coming like a flury, all of a sudden. Again, WHO held these messages in a “undeclosed location” and incidently, withheld evidence, from 2003 until now.

The Democratic leadership ought to be worried, because this is precisely what the DOJ and FBI and looking to find out.

UPDATE: Mark Levin, asking questions and taking names. I wonder if any pages would be willing to come forward to say if they had been approached in the past by anyone in say, CREW, or some other leftist organization. Better now than to be exposed later.

Which brings me to this question. Who says that these IM’s are authentic? Mr. Roger seems to have known about Mr. Foley’s IM screen name for quite a while.

ADDITIONAL: Just another thought. As back in my law enforcement days I actually worked a few internet predator cases, I would remind people of a few things. First, the FBI who is looking into this, will have to confirm that the supposed IMs actually came from a specific computer (printouts by themselves are not adequate evidence), Therefore it will have to be proven that these messages actually in fact came from a specific victims/perp’s computer. Subsequently they (victims) would have to testify or sign affidavits that they infact were at their respective computer consoles at on the date and time alleged.

This combined with the fact that if Foley goes to trial, the discovery phase just might prove embarrassing to some people who might have, you know, manufactured fake IMs. Remember, and this is key. Foley has admitted to some of the contact, but we don’t know HOW MUCH of the contact he has admitted to. Quite frankly, from the beginning, while I don’t doubt Foley was involved in such conduct, some of the scripts looked scripted and contrived.

A point previously made here and not refuted is that some of the IM’s look forged or at best tampered with. With that said, let’s not look at every unverified IMs that Brian Ross is putting on his blog as being real. After all yesterday Ross invited submissions. Don’t you think the KOS kids jumped on that invite?

Perspective people.

In any case, if people did to a certain extent commit a fraud in relation to this case they will be discovered and proscecuted, they can bank on it.

UPDATE II: Byron York at NRO, confirms what I said about just what the FBI is looking at.

UPDATE III: Hugh Hewitt on fighting back. Amen Hugh!