h/t to a commenter that noticed that all the comments from Stop Sex Predators have disappeared.

Coincidence? I think not. Yesterday, I challenged the owner in of the site in the comments section to reveal who they are, or I will. As I posted hereI believe that to be either Blog Active’s Mike Rogers, or some other operative of CREW.

Today….No comments and no further revelation.

Keep checking back for updates.

UPDATE: Per AJ Strata, the NY Times reports that ABC’s Brian Ross knew about Foley’s emails since 2005, but got too “busy” to be bothered at the time. So why NOW Brian? And why the Blotter look like a Democratic Campaign site now?

UPDATE II: Via NRO’s Media Blog, more media inaction on the Foley emails:

“From the AP:

The St. Petersburg Times and The Miami Herald, which had been given copies of the e-mail with the Louisiana boy last year, defended their decisions not to run stories.

“Given the potentially devastating impact that a false suggestion of pedophilia could have on anyone, not to mention a congressman known to be gay, and lacking any corroborating information, we chose not to do a story,” said Tom Fiedler, executive editor of the Herald.

From The Miami Herald:

Some newspapers ‚Äî including this one ‚Äî knew of this message as well and did not find it worthy of a news story because it seemed innocuous. Thus, Democratic charges of a ”cover up” of Mr. Foley’s activities by the Republican House leadership seem not only premature but crassly political. But the discovery of other, more explicit, messages and confusion over who knew what and when raise questions that require answers ‚Äî preferably, under oath and soon.”

At this point, the one part of the story that is being ignored, and that is that the family of the page who asked that the story not be publicised, have had their – and the page’s rights violated by publishing the story. According to a legal eagle friend of mine this all may lead to a civil rights lawsuit against ABC News, CREW and other principals by the family of the page, if not the page himself.