The reason you are hearing from Richard Clarke through mostly Podesta’s “Think Progress” website, is that Clarke has much to answer for for 9/11, and much that may become clearer by it’s airing.

Among those I personally know who have given me the low down on Clarke over the last few years, there is also a more visible figure who knows about the wasted efforts to capture Osama Bin Laden, and he’s no fan of Clarke. From a Weekly Standard article in 2004, speaking of former Bin Laden unit commander Michael Scheuer who had these thoughts on Clarke:

“Scheuer thinks Clarke is a risk-averse poseur who didn’t do enough to fight bin Laden prior to September 11, 2001. At his breakfast with reporters, Scheuer said that on 10 separate occasions his unit, codename “Alec,” provided key policymakers with information that could’ve lead to the killing or capture of Osama bin Laden. “In each of those 10 instances,” Scheuer said, “the senior policymaker in charge, whether it was Sandy Berger, Richard Clarke, or George Tenet,” resisted taking action, afraid it would result in collateral damage or a backlash on the Arab street.

Which is precisely what the 9/11 Commission Report tells us. The Berger/Clarke/Albright sideshow was afraid to pull the trigger. Ops who were there – and yes they were on the ground in Afghanistan in spite of Clarke’s insistence they were not – and got their hands tied by “hand-wringing” by the Clinton Administration and especially the doofus duo of Albright and Berger, who didn’t make a move without getting “The Boss” to nod.

I’m going to have a lot more to say on this in th coming days, and like I said before there are those who were there and not drinking the Clinton Kool Aid. They too will be telling their story as well.

The fact that there is such a push back from former Clintonistas is proof in itself that this is a film to watch and take note of. Let’s not forget the real reason for all the venom. Democrats want power again, and given what we saw them do – or rather not do when it counted during the Clinton eight-year reign, we simply can’t afford it.

After this week, most of the Nation will know this as well.