McCain is done for 2008.

“In the committee vote, Warner was supported by GOP Sens. John McCain of Arizona, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Susan Collins of Maine. Warner, McCain and Graham had been the most active senators opposing Bush’s plan. The vote by the moderate Collins underscored that there might be broad enough GOP support to successfully take on Bush on the floor of the Republican-run Senate.”

What’s their “plan” for the terrorist?

“The key differences between the Warner bill and what the administration wants are definitions of how detainees should be treated under the Geneva Conventions, and access to classified evidence during proposed military commissions. The Geneva Conventions is a treaty that sets international standards for the treatment of prisoners of war.

McCain is insane. Give terrorist our classified documents? To the orchestrator of 9/11? You freaking moron.

Enough of this clown, and yeah, I’ll challenge not only his sanity, but now I challenge his patriotism. Just who in the hell side of the ocean you on Senator?

We can’t afford another 9/11 and a vote for you is to give our ass over to Al Qaeda lock and key.

No thanks!

Support the Rightroot him out of the Senate, and work to defeat him in any chance for 2008.

UPDATE: Must read Andy McCarthy at NRO. Not only are McCain and the rest of his co-horts wrong, their position is fundamentally flawed.

UPDATE II: Boy, that McCain’s got balls.

Seems he is “supporting” RightRoots now (what else is new for ole ‘stick his finger in the wind’?) Look at the comments at this post on the subject at ABP. Brutal, and that’s only the beginning.

As for the ABP and others who are leaping out of their leotards and bending over because they relish McCain coming to “help us”, screw ‘em. I’m for the Rightroot efforts, but I’ll be damned if I sell out to Judas just for votes.

Character! Cripes, what happened to backbone. Evidently not present at the Party anymore.

Stick a fork in him, McCain is done!